Dramatic Education, Inc. is an educational arts company. The Dramatic Education staff uses research-based programs to build student academic confidence through the arts. Drama is proven as an effective way to tap into the intrapersonal and interpersonal intelligences of student learning.

Dramatic Education is a place of excellence where children can achieve academic and creative development. Our vision is to provide a stimulating creative learning environment where children feel safe and valued. We believe that children should be recognized for their individuality, and they should be encouraged to develop to their full potential as they gain a strong sense of confidence through creativity!

Our programs are designed to do just that! Our enrichment programs are designed to bring out the best in each student. They will learn how to positively express themselves; whether it is through Drama, Art, Dance or Musical Theatre.

Please check your calendar and register early. Spaces fill up fast!!

How it Works?

To begin the journey, we teach our students to express and build their creativity through a crash course in theater basics, followed by an exploration of theater games and techniques aimed to promote critical thinking and problem solving skills. Anti-Bully is the newest facet of our program, which aims to make students work together to create a musical production. Our puppetry session allows students to craft and perform with their own creations. Lastly, we invite students to join us in song performances and to learn choreography.


For us, safety is always a primary focus. While students will learn how to incorporate different performances in their training- all precautions are adopted in order to make this safe for them. Safety is our top priority and we have 100% safety record.

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