We are proud to announce that the arts in Orange County are thriving! Dramatic Education has been approved to be a provider for Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) in their before and after-school programing for the 2017-2018 school year. Dramatic Education will be an option for extended day services for all school aged children in OCPS. Through our services, students will be able to learn how to act, sing, dance, and learn many other important skills an arts education in theatre can provide. Theatre is alive and flourishing in Orange Country!

OCPS understands that arts are the building blocks to both our culture and humanity. Theatre specifically allows students to explore and interpret the world around them in different ways using their body, voice, and imagination. The skills students develop through arts education can be applicable to many different areas of their lives and provide the fundamental to many abilities students will need both inside the classroom and beyond.

Theatre Arts Education is Important to Well-Rounded Development

In order to provide a well-rounded education to students, theatre programs are essential. Students learn abilities that can apply to traditional subjects–like English, math, and science. They will also develop interpersonal skills that will help them succeed well beyond their days in a classroom. Theatre is an especially important aspect in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) as it fulfills the art aspect of a well-rounded STEAM education. There are many skills and abilities students develop when they participate in a theatre education programs such as:

Creative and Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills:

Students and who have access to theatre education through programs like ours are able to flex their creative muscles. Theatre gives the students the opportunity to think creatively and quickly. Improvisation and other imaginative activities give students the chance to critically think through situations where they can come up with creative solutions to problems in a fun and interactive way. As students are allowed to practice these skills in a safe, no-fail environment, they are able to return to the classroom with new insight and confidence.

Communication and Teambuilding Skills:

As children learn to dance, sing, act, and move, they learn how to communicate with their whole body. Communication is an important tool in every aspect of life both within the classroom and in the workforce. It is the foundation of teamwork, and theatre thrives on individuals learning how to work in a team.

When students learn about teamwork through theatre, they learn how to achieve a goal as a group. A good performance for an audience takes dedication and everyone on the team has to communicate to achieve the desired end result. Students learn that each person on a team is important and needs to be valued in order to achieve group success.

While fun and interactive for students, theatre programs are so important. Our programs offer a way for students to develop vital skills that can help them in so many areas of their life both in the classroom and outside of it.

We are so excited that OCPS sees the importance of arts and theatre education and believes in our mission at Dramatic Education. We can’t wait until 2017-2018 school year where we will be able to influence a whole new group of students with building their confidence through creativity! To find out more, please check out our after-school programs page.