Children who participate in activities are more academically successful and more likely to manifest their hidden talents. That’s awesome! But, did you know that children who participate in the arts develop critical thinking skills? Now, what parent wouldn’t want that? We all know that critical thinking is important but what exactly is it and how can the arts be a part of young children developing these essential skills.

What is critical thinking? This thought process involves knowing how and what to think. Now that we have identified what it is, check out these four reasons why the arts help improve critical thinking.

Rehearsing lines – Learning lines can be very time-consuming and takes a lot of concentration. This task may come easier for some than others, but regardless, it takes a certain level of focus to learn your lines. At Dramatic Education, students might be a little timid or shy at first, but by the end of a few weeks worth of class, students are shining bright and have all their lines memorized.

Learning stage positions – If you have ever been a star in a church play or in a production in your neighborhood theater, then you know that staging is everything! Where to enter and exit during each scene, where to stand, how not to place your back towards the audience; all of this requires you to pay attention and think before the curtain closes. There are a variety of games we play in our classes that make knowing where to go on the stage a piece of cake!

Writing a song/script – The arts engage students and foster innovation. Only time will tell when your student will take what they learned from their favorite drama or music teacher and branch off to write their own lyrics or first play. It’s inevitable! Just ask one of Dramatic Education’s very own, Journey, who wrote and recorded her very first song entitled “Home.”

Learning a dance routine – Have you ever tried to learn a dance? Whether you have two left feet, or have moves like the great Michael Jackson, learning a new dance routine requires focus and thinking! Some of our musical theatre classes teach up to five songs with full choreography that is easy for all ages to learn.

With the combination of critical thinking and passion for fun, any student can thrive in the arts. Taking the time to focus, concentrate and really zero in on what you are learning, will help you in the classroom and in life. Keep up the great work and we’ll see you on stage!