The Family Empowerment Institute is designed to do the following:

- Provide parents with knowledge and strategies to become more involved in their children’s lives and education at home and school.

- Provide parents and their children with the attitude, knowledge, and skills necessary to strengthen the pillars (Love, Trust, Respect, Responsibility, Positive Attitude, and Cooperation) that support successful families.

- Provide children knowledge and skills to be cooperative participants and recipients in the parenting and schooling process.

- Provide curriculum that incorporates a variety of teaching methods including hands-on activities, cooperative learning, experiential learning, and arts integration.
Marsha Robbins, Artistic Director collaborated with Dr. Clara Walters of Educational & Leadership Training, Inc. to develop a dynamic parenting skills program designed around the concept of Character-based Cooperative Parenting which includes character-based skills training for children to learn how to be cooperative participants and recipients in the parenting process. Artistic strategies are applied to teaching the children’s curriculum.

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